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Patient Testimonials for Adaptable Massage

At Adaptable Massage, we are committed to providing each our patients the highest level of service. Located in Windsor, we offer massage therapy services for patients of all ages. We love hearing from our patients. Have you had a great experience? We would love for you to tell us about it.

Regained Strength & Vitality through Massage

I never really recovered from my car accident but decided to "suck it up" and get on with life. I never considered massage therapy because I wasn't confident in finding a therapist that I could trust with my "personal space". With a referral from a friend, I decided to try one treatment. The therapist did an assessment and explained that I would need a six week treatment plan to really benefit from massage therapy.

The session went very well, with appropriate draping for privacy, informed consent and constantly checking on the degree of pressure that I wanted. She warned me that I would need to drink a lot of water after the first treatment to flush out the released toxins which might leave me feeling poorly. She was right about that, I did feel rough, but after a few more treatments I started to realize how I was slowly shedding the pain and regaining my strength and vitality.

Now I go once in awhile for maintenance and to give myself something back for what life can drain out of me!

Cindy Dodsworth, RD CDE

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